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"We cannot thank you enough for the wedding photographs. They are so fantastic! The photographs are so natural and that is exactly what we were looking for on our special day. You have captured some incredible moments.
Your professional, focused and easy going manner was great. As well as your ability to put everyone at ease which added to the fun. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service & helping to capture beautiful memories for our wedding day"
Aileen & Shane

From a personal note, the last image in the this set, is possibly one of my favourites, but not for the image, more for the story behind it.

Most people may shy away with being married on Friday the 13th, but Shane was following in his grandparents footsteps who were also married on a Friday the 13th of June. The little difference was, that Friday the 13th of June 2014, coincided with a full moon.

The last time that we had a full moon on a Friday 13th of June was in 1919 and we wont see one again until 2098. Now, there is a special name on a full moon in June and that is the "honey moon"

The reason for this is, when the moon rises, it is much closer to the earth then other times of its lunar cycle, because of this, it is given a beautiful "honey" like glow from light bouncing off dust and pollen particles in our atmosphere.

Back in our unenlightened pagen times, weddings would often be held around the time of the summer solstice, which would often also coincide with the full moon, which in June is referred to as the honeymoon and that period of the full moon, was considered the happiest of the newly married couples and this is where the phrase honeymoon comes from today.

Naturally when I heard this, I really wanted to incorporate the rising moon into a photo for the newly weds and with a setting like the amazing Dunmore house with the ocean reaching away before you I thought all my birthdays had came at once!
I was outside waiting at 10pm with everything set up and ready to go but after a day of blistering sunshine, a bank of cloud moved in and blocked our view of the rising moon and by 10:30 and still no sign, I admitted defeat.
When I finally said my good byes that night and went to head for the car, the moon shinning on calm ocean was what greeted me.

So very hastily, for one more time, I pulled the newly weds out for one last photo and though its not the one I had envisioned I think it may favourite of the day.