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" I rang John a few months before the wedding to see if he was free. His laid back approach and easy going nature was music to my ears . Things only got better when I met him to discuss our wedding in Gougane Barra. Craig and I have been together 19 years and have 3 sons so I really wanted a special photo of Craig with his boys walking to the church and John listened, took notes, offered wonderful suggestions and I knew we had a found a wee gem.

But nothing prepared me for my photographer/wedding organiser who arrived on the morning of my wedding with his lovely sidekick Mossy and proceeded to organise us all ,and boy did we need organising! He was everywhere chatting and putting everyone at ease, laughing with the boys and getting tea and sandwiches for my parents, keeping an eye on the time.
Craig paid him the best compliment when he said to me' I don't know what your paying him but whatever it is ,it's not enough' .
It was an incredibly emotional day , John and Mossy remained positive and accommodating throughout, taking those special moments when your relaxed and chatting but also whisking you away for those 'wow' shots of which I am thrilled to say I have many.
I got my photo of my boys but so much more as well. He made my special day 'magical',and that is something for a 50 year old Irish bride to say"