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Well, what can we say about John. One of my best memories from my wedding day was when my brother saw John walking in the drive to come start his day with us saying ''I never knew Jesus Christ was your photographer''. And Jesus, he was, in more ways than one. From the moment we met him at our house about 6months previous, we knew he was the photographer for us. It was like we already had known him forever and felt totally at ease in his company and we knew he was going be a great asset to our day. Throughout the wedding day, he was the organiser, usher, peacemaker, welcome, butler, waiter (even making me a few buttered cream crackers 5mins before we left for the church) and friend on the day. He was a fantastic presence from start to finish and when he left at the end of a very long day and night, we really noticed his absence. As did our guests. John showed utter, true professionalism as well as being someone we really enjoyed having a pint with during a secret photo shoot between the church and venue. He presented us with many personalised touches throughout the day (I wont mention these cos don't want to spoil any surprises for future brides and grooms!) and made us feel like royalty. As I mentioned at the beginning, John was like Jesus to us, in looks, qualities and professionalism. He was a leader; kind; understanding; selfless; helpful and a true positive, necessary presence on our day. And the photos- well you don't need to look through too many to see the many special moments he beautifully captures on the day. I absolutely love every single one of my photos and it is going to be extremely difficult to choose ones for an album! My husband, daughter and I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending John as a photographer to any future brides and grooms.

Jacqueline & Justin O' Driscoll, married on July 18th 2015