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"John beasley, the ninja photographer! i have been to three weddings now, including my own, with john being the photographer, as everyone who sees him in action instantly falls in love with him and want him for themselves when their time comes!
He has an uncanny ability to put everyone into a great sense of calm on the day and takes care of much much more than just the photography, he has earned his reputation as the ninja photographer from his bag of tricks that accompany him wherever he goes, from this bag i have seen him whip out hairspray, compede plasters for the girls feet, a watch repair kit, and bubbles to settle a crying child, and thats just to name a few, perhaps we should have named him mary poppins instead. John makes you instantly feel at ease in his presence projecting a great sense of calm throughout the entire experience all the while taking the most incredibly natural photos of every aspect of the day. The best thing about having John as your photographer is not only the unbelievably stunning photos that he manages to capture even in the most mundane surroundings but the fact that by the end of the day you know you have made a friend for life. I know several people who arent even engaged yet but already know who there wedding photographer will be. A gentle giant that could give inspector gadget a run for his money!"