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When I met John I instantly knew he was the guy to capture our wedding day
pictures. He’s personable, honest, direct and has such a distinct and
gorgeous photography style. John was so easy going and good at making us
feel calm. It was like we already knew him. We needed that kind of soul to be
part of our wedding day so we could relax with all those cameras being
directed at us. However, it was like he was an extension of the day, subtlety
clicking away and naturally mingling with the crowd and genuinely adding to
the fantastic atmosphere. He went way beyond the call of duty for us. He
really did work his tail off to ensure we were happy. He was a friend, a tailor, a
counsellor, an entertainer, a taxi man and so much more all wrapped up into
one amazingly talented wedding photographer.
One of the biggest comments from our guests was how great John was on the
day. Due to this his name has being spread far and wide for very good
reason. I only have to take a look at the breath taking photos he captured to
be lifted back to that awesome day. Those photos never fail to make me
smile because we clearly were absolutely honoured to have him play such a
large role on our wedding day.
We would gladly recommend this big hearted gent to everyone.