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"To say that John is an amazing photographer would be doing him an injustice!
On our wedding day John played the role of a stunning photographer, wedding coordinator, breakfast chef, tea maker, waiter, dancer and was practically like family by the end of it all!
He showed such great professionalism, a hard working ethic, incredible vision and a love for the job, not only on the day, but throughout the entire process. It truly was a pleasure to have him as our photographer and to have him there to celebrate with us. He was great fun and really made an impression on our guests too.
I am amazed at how many fantastic pictures we have and I have no idea how, or even when, he took them! Our house is tiny with very limited wall space - so we'll have to work out a rotation system for all the amazing shots to be displayed!
When it comes to weddings, everybody has their own style and interests , but I think John’s exceptional skills and personality could translate over to any kind of event. I would, of course, 100% recommend John to all future brides & grooms - and I've been raving about him to anyone that will listen!
John - Thank you - a thousand times over!"