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So…..I’ve been trying to think of what to write about John as our wedding photographer, and I
realised that the reason I was finding it difficult was because he was so much more than just the
wedding photographer.
We had contacted John, among other photographers, in the planning stage and from his email
response we automatically felt at ease and thought, “Ya, I like his style”.
The morning of a wedding, in any house I think, is a sort calm happy chaos. John walked in and
slotted right into the pace of the house. His calm, efficient and friendly ways kept everything on
track, moving everything along and smoothing out any little ruffle (often before anyone had noticed
there was a ruffle!)
John mixed through the crowd on the day to ensure some fantastic photos of people who were
completely at ease in his presence and manage to “corral” the group shots without anyone noticing.
But when you hire someone to photograph your wedding, you don’t just want a good guy to turn up,
he has to be able to take the photos too. And were we delighted with the photos we got! John’s easy
going manner belies the fact that he is meticulously professional and had researched the area for
the best shots prior to the wedding. Without lists, stress or bother, he got all the shots we’d asked
for and all the ones we hadn’t even thought of, without anyone ever noticing that there was a
photographer present. The finished product was stunning.
Hand on heart I would fully endorse John and Weddings by John Beasley.